Be Prepared

When taking your child to the family Pediatrician or clinic, be prepared to discuss the real concerns you may have about vaccines.  Unfortunately, there are still some doctors who do not themselves know the true dangers of childhood vaccines due to the DNA contaminants that these vaccines contain.

First, refresh your own learning by reviewing the material contained on the Caring For All Kids website, Facebook page and other internet resources that we link to.  Only by having a good grasp of the inherent dangers of DNA contaminated vaccines, the knowledge of how the DNA got into the vaccines and why you would not want your child to be exposed to these dangers for both ethical and medical reasons, will you be able to properly communicate your concerns to the doctor.

Have a list of questions that you have prepared which will help you:

(1)  determine what your doctor knows about DNA contaminated vaccines
(2)  know if your doctor ever had a case of a healthy child vaccinated and then diagnosed with autism within 3 years
(3)  find out if your doctor supports companies that develop morally acceptable vaccines not made from aborted fetal DNA

By being prepared with knowledge and questions, you will make your visit to the doctor less stressful and more productive.

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