Caring For All Kids is an outreach of the SOUND CHOICE PHARMACEUTICAL INSTITUTE, and is intended to help raise awareness of the dangers of human DNA contaminated vaccines being regularly given to our kids. These vaccines contain the genes of an aborted fetus. Scientific research is continuing to show the link between these contaminated vaccines and recent increases in the prevalence of the disabling disease of autism.

All children deserve safe, moral and uncontaminated vaccines. This type of vaccine is able to readily be produced and used in place of the current DNA contaminated vaccines. Yet, the pharmaceutical companies and the government regulatory agencies have chosen to instead give our children controversial vaccines because it is easier and more profitable to leave things as they are, rather than change and do what is ethically and scientifically "right". 

That is why your help is so important to getting the word out about this vital issue to all parents, grandparents, family and friends that you know.  Your tax-deductible donation to Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute will go a long way toward helping to continue research on safe vaccines and providing a voice for all children -- to demand safe vaccines.  Please consider clicking the link below if you can help support this mission in any way, because all of us have the shared mission in life to be Caring for All Kids.


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