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video    The following news stories, audios and videos will help you stay on top of the ever-increasing evidence for the link between today's DNA-contaminated childhood vaccines and the increased rates of autism, and childhood/preteen cancer, in those children who are vaccinated with these DNA-contaminated vaccines. Additionally, we keep you informed about new research and other topics of great interest to all of us who are people that are 'Caring For All Kids'.


Fox News reports on a settlement given the parents of an autistic girl, who they claim was stricken with autism after receiving childhood vaccines.


audio of Dr. Theresa Deisher interview

The following is an audio interview with one of the world's foremost pharmaceutical and medical research scientists, Dr. Theresa Deisher, which gives a clear and precise answer to the confusion that we hear between the media which tells us that vaccines are without danger to our children, and the scientists who tell us that there truly are real and present dangers in today's vaccines that are made with fetal tissue. Dr. Deisher provides details about the scientific mistakes and outright mistruths that are reported by the media when they refer to research which tries to eliminate concerns over these vaccines. Is concern also now developing about a link between rising cancer rates for children and pre-teens, and the vaccines they received as babies which contained fetal DNA from aborted babies, as today's vaccines do? Why don't pharmaceutical companies just use a safe alternative to today's controverisal vaccines? Here are the answers...



Click on the following link for the transcript of testimony given to the Minnesota State Legislature on the correlation between autism and the adverse effects of aborted fetal DNA used in vaccines.

Testimony to Minnesota State Legislature from Theresa Deisher, Ph.D. - April 2011

Click below for an article on the mix of efficacy versus morality that we face with today's vaccines.

Some Efficacious Vaccines are produced unethically

Click below for the report in the Journal of Immunotoxicology that establishes possible causes for autism.  A likely contender is the human DNA fragments from aborted fetuses that have been contained in childhood vaccines since 1979.

Theoretical Aspects of Autism:  Causes - A Review
by: Helen Ratajczak

Click on the following link for the article written by CBS News regarding the link between autism and childhood vaccines.

Vaccines and Autism -CBS News Article
by: Sharyl Attkisson

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