Can any child be

struck with autism ?
Is there a link

between autism and

childhood vaccines?
What is it that can

make childhood

vaccines unsafe?
Any child

Autism is a serious disease that can affect any child regardless of race or gender. The diagnosis of autism is increasing at alarming rates.

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autism and vaccines

Scientists spent years researching a cause for autism. A correlation is found between childhood vaccines given ever since 1979 and higher autism rates.

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autism and DNA from abortions

If it's been proven that there have been more cases of autism occurring in vaccinated children, what could be the culprit hidden in those vaccines?

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Be Prepared

Just as you would prepare for any household event, prepare for your child's doctor visits.

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Whistle Blower

Scientists across the nation are speaking out on the truth about Autism and vaccines.

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How to Speak-out

Once you know the facts about Autism and its link to childhood vaccines, you'll want to share this with others.

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"Autism Awareness Day" is a date that changes each year, but which always promises to present a large group of events that occur throughout the world on that day, in order to bring more public awareness to the topic of autism.

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The News You Need


Proponents of childhood vaccines, even in light of the concerns over human DNA contamination, do not let the public know that they actually receive money from the pharmaceutical companies who produce the vaccines. CBS News reports on this conflict of interest.


audio of Dr. Theresa Deisher interview

Dr. Theresa Deisher gives clear and precise answers to the confusion arising between the media which tells us that vaccines are without danger to children, and the scientists who tell us there are real dangers for autism and perhaps cancer, in today's vaccines that are made with DNA from aborted fetal tissue.


Eye-opening view from Dr. Jay Carpenter, M.D., Board of Directors, Professionals for Excellence in Health Care


A new published study sees a link between autism rates & vaccines
that contain aborted human fetal DNA.

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